GMW-TV February 7, 2002

This week as Lou Bordeaux and Ron Lemieux opened the telecast, GMW Champion Tarzan Taylor and his manager Scott Dickinson interrupted. Taylor and Dickinson both claimed that Maverick Wild has absolutely no chance of regaining the GMW Title in two week's time at VindiKatioN. Dickinson claimed that despite some serious issues, he would be an impartial official in the title match, and call it right down the middle. Honest, he really said that!

In the opening contest, GMW Champ Tarzan Taylor defeated Mark Vincent. Taylor once again backing up his claims of being a fighting champion successfully defended the GMW title on TV. Vincent put up a great fight in this match. However, instead of staying in the ring, Vincent went for a risky move from the top rope. Dickinson from the outside, pushed him off and Vincent crotched himself on the top turnbuckle. Taylor then caught the falling Vincent in his patented Taylor Bomb for the victory. Taylor will be defending the GMW title at VindiKatioN on February 24th against Maverick Wild. The match features two special guest referees, Scott Dickinson for Taylor and GMW President Gary Langevin for Wild!

Next there was a video package from last September's Champion's Challenge where Turbo Tim Fury earned a title shot against the King of the Mountain TV Champion, Alex Arion. Both wrestlers were on the interview platform and wished each other the best as their title match was coming up next!

In a King of the Mountain TV title match, Alex Arion and Turbo Tim Fury fought a great scientific match. Arion successfully wore down Fury and felt he was ripe for the picking. Alex went to the top rope and hit a tremendous frog splash on Fury. Just as the referee was starting his count, Brutal Bob Evans ran into the ring and pulled Fury out from underneath Arion. Keep in mind that two weeks ago during the State of GMW address, President Langevin ordered that neither Evans nor Arion can so much as touch one another until their "I Quit" match at VindiKatioN. The penalty for contact prior to VindiKatioN is a 90 day suspension. Worse for Arion, he will be stripped of his championship. So while Evans did everything he could to taunt Arion, Alex managed to hold himself back. Finally Evans left the ring unsatisfied as his ploy didn't trap Arion as he had hoped.

After a short break, both Arion and Fury remained in the ring. Both men wanted to continue what was a great match up until the time of Evans' interference. The referee came back to the ring and the match then continued. The Golden Greek managed to gain the pinfall and keep his title when he was on the top rope, he caught Fury in the mouth with a double knee. Arion then vaulted over Fury and rolled him up for the three count. Really a great match, just too bad Evans had to interject himself in it.

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