This week's GMW-TV show aired April 11, 2002

GMW-TV got underway this week with some backstage footage of the underhanded attack on Debonair Cruz and Fred Curry, Jr. courtesy of The Egomaniacs.

Idol and Steele and manager Scott Dickinson then came out to be interviewed. They played on as if they had no idea what had happened, then as if they had never heard of Cruz nor Curry before. Finally, the Egomaniacs said that their match coming up at A Fight at the Opera would be the last anybody would hear of Cruz and Curry.

Next, we heard from the Texas Hangmen who are looking forward to the four way contenders match at "A Fight at the Opera"

Tonight's first match featured the Texas Hangmen meeting Sonny and Jeff Goodspeed. In a bit of a payback from a few weeks ago on GMW-TV, the SouthEast Connection ran in and double teamed the big men from Texas. After the referee regained control of the match, Jeff nailed #2 with a DDT for the victory!

After this were more interview segments. The Goodspeeds and Aaron Morrison and Johnny Royal are all looking forward to April 27th in Littleton, NH.

The next match featured Morrison and Royal as they met the upstart team of Mark Vincent and Johnny Curtis. Aaron mentioned prior to the match that as far as he and Royal were concerned, this match was just a tune up for the upcoming "A Fight at the Opera". Aaron Morrison more and more is proving himself to be the new "dirtiest player in the game" as he continually used every dirty trick in the book against his competition. Late in the match, Johnny Royal hit Curtis with his Olympic Slam. Then, just as Morrison tagged in and went for the cover, Royal dropped his 250 pound elbow right across the pinning combination of Morrison! Royal was shown out of the ring by the referee, when Mark Vincent tagged in and hit Morrison with his diamond cutter! The winners in a huge upset, the team of Curtis and Vincent!

The TV main event this week featured "Irresistible" Jonny Idol once again in singles competition, taking on one half of the SouthEast Connection in, "The Dude" Mark Malibu. The Egomaniac proved just too much for the slightly less experienced Malibu. Idol won this match with a tornado DDT.

Closing out the show this week, Tarzan Taylor told Jeff Goodspeed that come "A Fight at the Opera", his days are numbered.

That's GMW-TV for this week. Be sure to join us again next week, same time, same channel and... catch the action of Green Mountain Wrestling!

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