This week's GMW-TV show aired April 18, 2002

GMW-TV opened this week with a look back at the recent TV Main Event matchup between GMW Champion, Maverick Wild and the GMW TV Champion, "The Golden Greek" Alex Arion. With some added commentary by both wrestlers, both Wild and Arion are looking forward to a good clean scientific match on Saturday April 27th in Littleton, NH. Also in no uncertain terms, both men predicted victory on the 27th.

The opening match this week matched "Turbo" Tim Fury and former GMW Champion, Tarzan Taylor. The experience and size advantage made the difference here. Toward the end of the match, Taylor applied a pump handle slam into a sit out power bomb. Fury however managed to kick out at the count of two. Tim then went for all the marbles and went to the top rope in quest of one of his terrific aerial assaults on Taylor. However, manager Scott Dickinson pushed Fury off the top rope right into the waiting hands of Tarzan who finished Fury off with his "Taylor Bomb" finisher. Taylor then did it to Fury a second time when Jeff Goodspeed ran to the ring and saved Turbo Tim from further abuse!

Next, we heard from the two competitors for the Slamtech Championship
at A Fight at the Opera , "Big Daddy" Dave Walker and current Slamtech Champion, "Devastating" Dean Eastman.

Following the interview segment, Eastman put the Slamtech title on the line against Kid Mikaze. The end of the match came when Eastman caught Mikaze coming off the top rope in a bear hug into a forward slam. Your winner and still Slamtech Champion, "Devastating" Dean Eastman!

Then it was time to hear from Jonny Idol and Mike Steele once again complaining about having to defend the tag titles at A Fight at the Opera . After the Egomaniacs said their piece, "Rocket" Fred Curry spoke on the phone about the desire he and partner, Debonair Cruz have to once and for all put the Ego's down for the count. Curry quoted his father, "It's not how many times you get knocked's how many times you get back up!"

In preparation for this week's TV Main Event, we heard from both combatants, "Alpha Male" Justin Powers and GMW Champion, Maverick Wild. Once the match began, Powers seemed to be on his way to becoming the new GMW Champion as he hit Maverick with move after move. Among them, the stump puller, a spinning elbow and a spectacular Triple German Suplex. Wild proved why is the GMW Champion as he fought off the onslaught of the "Alpha Male". The cagy veteran was then able to catch Powers in his full nelson slam, the "Wild Thing". Maverick Wild remains GMW Champion!

That's GMW-TV for this week. Be sure to join us again next week, same time, same channel and... catch the action of Green Mountain Wrestling!

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