This episode of GMW-TV aired April 25, 2002

We're just two short days away from A Fight at the Opera and all the stars of
Green Mountain Wrestling are ready for battle!

The opening match this week on GMW-TV features Mike Steele of the Egomaniacs taking on Antonio Thomas. Mike Steele is one of the most talented and powerful young men on the independent pro wrestling scene today. Why he feels he needs to resort to the tactics that he uses in the ring continues to be a mystery. While it appeared he had this match with Thomas well in control, Scott Dickinson distracted the official, then "Irresistible" Jonny Idol came into the ring. The Egomaniacs then finished Thomas off with the devastating EgoBuster finisher. Your winner is Mike Steele.

Up next was a great interview with the new GMW Presdent, Sean O' Reilly. If for any reason, you missed this or any other episode of GMW-TV, go to TC Tapes and get yourself a copy. President O' Reilly gave us his entire background in the business and going down the list of men he's been in the ring with over the years was a "Who's Who" of pro wrestling!

A highlight (or lowlight?) package followed covering "Brutal" Bob Evans
last several months in GMW. Evans was then interviewed and said that when he returns from his suspension at "A Fight at the Opera" he's going to be meaner than ever. I'm sure that's just what all GMW fans wanted to hear!

The final segment of the program this week ran down the many battles that are
leading up to "A Fight at the Opera" this coming Saturday night. If you have the chance, join us at the Opera House in Littleton, NH this Saturday night at 7PM (doors open at 6PM). GMW-TV brings the action into your home each week, but the best way to catch the action is to come out and catch it...LIVE!

That's GMW-TV for this week. Be sure to join us again next week, same time, same channel and... catch the action of Green Mountain Wrestling!

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