This week's GMW-TV show aired June 27, 2002

GMW-TV opened this week with a look back at the recent title match between Maverick Wild and Jonny Idol. In what was a close contest, some double teaming by The Egomaniacs backfired when Alex Arion was able to eliminate Mike Steele from the picture. Wild was able to retain the GMW Championship on that occasion, but the Championship Committee granted Idol a rematch in part based on the chaotic ending to that match and also in part due to the behavior of The Egomaniacs. Idol and Steele over the past month or so have interjected themselves into every match that Maverick Wild or Alex Arion has had. The committee has said enough's enough! This Saturday night, Wild and Idol square off for the GMW Championship, while Alex Arion puts his GMW TV Championship on the line against Mike Steele.

Up next was an interview segment with Jonny Idol where he said, "I expect to bleed, but cuts heal, chicks dig scars and champions live forever!" This guy is the real deal, and after all is said and done we may have a brand new GMW Champion in "Irresistible" Jonny Idol!

Maverick Wild was then interviewed. Wild is really fired up over all the interference in his matches lately! Wild quoted "The Outsiders" movie..."Lets do it for Jonny!" That can only mean a long night of pain and suffering for "The Irresistible One"!

We then heard from Mike Steele who told TV Champion Alex Arion, "Sleep with that belt under your pillow for 2 more days, and then kiss it goodbye!"

The opening match this week featured Mike Steele and Johnny Curtis. Every time we see Johnny Curtis in a GMW ring, he is in better condition than the time before and it's just a matter of time before he earns himself a title right here in GMW. This close to a major GMW event like United We Slam!, Mike Steele refused to be a stepping stone for the up and coming Curtis. Curtis went to the top rope for a flying legdrop when Steele rolled out of the way. Mike then caught Curtis with his "Stainless Steele" guillotine legdrop for the three count and the win.

After an interview with Alex Arion and Maverick Wild, they teamed up and took on the Texas Hangmen in a tag team match. The Hangmen put up a great fight for sure, but they're just not quite at the level of two of the finest athletes who have ever graced the GMW squared circle. Maverick Wild scored the pinfall with his "Wild Thing" full nelson slam. Just as Wild and Arion were congratulating each other on a great match, Dickinson's Army charged the ring! In a despicable display, even Scott Dickinson got some cheap shots in on the fallen champions! Shortly after the attack, Sean O' Reilly and Sonny Goodspeed ran into the ring to restore order. Dickinson's Army then all stated their cases for United We Slam, apparently each one guaranteeing victory this Saturday night!

Next, we heard from Aaron Morrison. Morrison is looking forward the the tag team title match this Saturday night against the SouthEast Connection. Aaron is concerned though about his partner and cousin, "Wrong Way" Johnny Royal. As you all know, Royal has really gone off the deep end of late, and Morrison intimated that it's possible that Royal may even have to be institutionalized!

This week's GMW-TV show came to a close with a great highlight package leading up to United We Slam!

That's GMW-TV for this week. Be sure to join us again next week, same time, same channel and... catch the action of Green Mountain Wrestling!

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