This episode of GMW-TV aired on July 4, 2002.

GMW-TV opened this week with GMW President Sean O' Reilly graciously accepting congratulations from Lou Bordeaux on his defeat of "Brutal" Bob Evans at "United We Slam". O' Reilly paid Evans several compliments and wished him all the best in his absence from Green Mountain Wrestling rings in the near future.

The opening contest this week featured up and coming Johnny Curtis taking on the challenge of Debonair Cruz. After both men traded some great submission holds, ultimately Cruz caught Curtis in a vicious stretch and caused Johnny to tap out. Cruz then was interviewed at ringside. He said that he's been in some special training, hence the submission style he chose to employ against Curtis. When he was asked if he had any contact with Fred Curry, Cruz said that he's still looking for a match with his former partner, anyplace, anytime!

The Hippie Freak, Nicholas Richards won his Green Mountain Wrestling debut over Holyoke Joe. Both wrestlers gave 110% in this bout. Giving credit where credit's due, Joe had a few opportunities at victory in this match, but just fell short at the end.

"The Golden Greek" Alex Arion defended the GMW King of the Mountain TV Championship against Antonio Thomas. This was a great match pitting two fan favorites against each other. That's been one of the intriguing features of the King of the Mountain TV title. The champ puts the strap on the line at each GMW-TV taping in a blind draw. Thus far, Arion has met and defeated all comers for that title belt. This was no exception, as the slightly less experienced Thomas couldn't quite capitalize, and Arion successfully defended the TV Title, pinning the challenger with a fantastic standing sunset flip. "The Alpha Male" Justin Powers joined Lou Bordeaux for commentary during this match, and repeatedly claimed that Antonio Thomas didn't deserve this title shot, but in fact, he did! We just might be able to look forward to a match between these two men in the near future!

The TV main event this week was held after a brief interview where Justin Powers and "Big Daddy" Dave Walker claimed that they were going to destroy the SouthEast Connection for the tag titles. The match that followed was hotly contested by both the "AlphaTex Connection" (as Sean O' Reilly christened the challengers) and the GMW Champions. Dave Walker was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when he was caught in a devastating spinebuster by "The Dude" Mark Malibu, then the SEC followed it up with their double legdive/splash for the pinfall and the victory.

That's GMW-TV for this week. Be sure to join us again next week, same time, same channel and... catch the action of Green Mountain Wrestling!

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