This week's GMW-TV show aired July 11, 2002

The action started this week with a look back at last week's GMW Tag Team Championship match between the SouthEast Connection taking on "The Alpha Male" Justin Powers and his partner, "Big Daddy" Dave Walker. In an exciting match, the SouthEast Connection prevailed. Looking for an element of revenge, the opening contest on this week's GMW-TV show featured "The Alpha Male" meeting one half of the tag team champion, SouthEast Connection in "The Dude" Mark Malibu. This was a close match all the way. In the latter stages, the Texas Hangmen came to ringside, presumably to scout Malibu a bit more closely. The referee was distracted to the outside of the ring, and Hangman #2 jumped in and waylaid Malibu. Moments later, Powers covered the fallen Dude, and claimed a tainted victory.

Up next was Hippie Freak Nicholas Richards meeting Antonio Thomas. Richards was victorious on last week's program over Holyoke Joe, and was looking to emerge undefeated after his first two weeks in Green Mountain Wrestling. In what might have been the upset of the month, Richards did just that as he defeated Thomas!

If you missed "United We Slam", first of all shame on you! Don't despair...a special collector's edition video is available from T C Tapes, the official video home of Green Mountain Wrestling. Do yourself a favor and get your copy. United We Slam was a great night of GMW action! The crowd was hot, the action was hot, heck even the building was hot! We mention "United We Slam" here because the next segments on the program this week featured individual looks at two of the finest champions ever in the history of Green Mountain Wrestling. First we took a look back at what makes Maverick Wild tick, as well as some highlights of his recent efforts in the squared circle. It was then time for a similar highlight package on "The Golden Greek" Alex Arion. While you're at T C Tapes, pick up that "United We Slam" video, but also if you missed the GMW-TV program this week (or any other), you can also pick up past programs while you're there. And one other thing...T C Tapes takes credit cards, so head on over and charge 'em up!

In this week's TV Main Event, Alex Arion once again defended the GMW King of the Mountain TV title, this time squaring off against the big man from Dallas, "Big Daddy" Dave Walker! Arion gave away a tremendous amount of weight in this contest (75 pounds!), a tremendous amount of height (nearly a foot!), but in the long run the more experienced TV Champ was able to grind out a hard fought victory when he scored the pinfall after his big splash from the top rope! Your winner and still King of the Mountain TV Champion is "The Golden Greek" Alex Arion!

That's GMW-TV for this week. Be sure to join us again next week, same time, same channel and... catch the action of Green Mountain Wrestling!

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