This week's GMW-TV show aired August 29, 2002

The show opened with a look back at last week's show when GMW Senior Official Josh LaPrell came to ringside during an interview with "No Respect" Aaron Morrison. LaPrell had a FedEx'ed document from Green Mountain Wrestling President Sean O' Reilly which stated that since Morrison has been repeatedly looking for a match against both members of the tag team champion SouthEast Connection, he could have that match on GMW-TV next week. The statement further said that because Morrison has also shown an interest in a match with Antonio Thomas, he could have that match also. In fact, Morrison would have to take on all three wrestlers on GMW-TV in a three on one handicap match! That match and a whole lot more on tap tonight on Green Mountain Wrestling TV!

This week's opening contest pitted a couple of superheavyweights as the relative newcomer, Allen Greene met the challenge of "Crusher" Sonny Goodspeed. GMW-TV online is still searching the GMW record books, but it looked like Sonny was on pace to set the record for fastest match in GMW history! It took the big man from Nashua a mere 32 seconds to take out the rookie. A quick go behind, schoolboy and an inside cradle set Greene up for the pinfall.

Up next, "Rapid Fire" Brian Jury met the always dangerous Holyoke Joe. For a good part of the match, it looked as if Joe might have enough to outlast Jury, but in the end, Joe cost himself the match when he allowed himself to be distracted by the ringside fans. Jury then applied a running reverse neckbreaker for the victory. During the commentary of the match, it was revealed that Jury will be a part of the "Young Lions" Championship tournament which will be taking place at Unlikely Alliances, on Saturday September 14th in Lyndon Center, VT.

"The Golden Greek" Alex Arion was challenged for the GMW King of the Mountain TV Championship this week by Fred Curry, Jr. Curry has been demanding Arion for the last few weeks, and true to his "fighting champion" ways, Arion gladly signed the dotted line so the two could meet this week on GMW-TV. This one got off to a fast and furious start! It looked as if Curry was definitely in line to become the next TV Champion when a camera shot caught The Egomaniacs observing the match. Moments later, all hell broke loose when Idol and Steele got a little too close to ringside and Arion took both of them out with a plancha. However as soon as Alex got back into the ring, the waiting Curry attacked the weakened titleholder. As Curry continued his attack, Idol and Steele got into the ring making it a three on one attack! The Egomaniacs then caught Arion in their Egobuster, leaving Arion totally laid out. Maverick Wild ran in to make the save, but Arion had definitely been taken to school by Curry and the Ego's! Referee Josh LaPrell awarded a DQ victory to Arion. With just two weeks until "Unlikely Alliances", how will Arion be able to team up with Mike Steele as they take on Jonny Idol and Maverick Wild? Make sure you come out to the Chester Arena in Lyndon Center on September 14th at 7PM and find out!

Next, there was a look back at last week's GMW Women's Championship match between Mercedes Martinez and the champion, Trinity H. Campbell. If you tuned in, you'll remember Campbell employing the use of a foreign object to knock out Martinez. GMW-TV host Lou Bordeaux was then interviewing Mercedes. During the interview, Trinity H. Campbell came out to the ringside area and used her title belt to take out Martinez. Campbell then applied a vicious Camel Clutch. Campbell wouldn't release the hold despite the screams of Martinez, until GMW-TV color commentator Ron Lemieux and GMW Senior Official Josh LaPrell made their way to the interview area to help restore order. Following a short break, Campbell was interviewed by Lou Bordeaux. She stated that she'll put the title on the line at "Unlikely Alliances", but she's sure after the beating she just gave to Martinez, that the former Women's Champ won't be there!

Following a break, a look back at "United We Slam" and Aaron Morrison snapping and repeatedly locking his Slipknot submission move on Mark Malibu. Then it was time for this week's TV Main Event. Morrison was to meet Antonio Thomas and the GMW Tag Team Champions, The SouthEast Connection. Morrison held his own throughout the early stages of the contest. Then, just as Antonio tagged in, he and Morrison looked at one another for a moment. It was then that Thomas, turned around and started beating up his partners, Kid Mikaze and Mark Malibu! Suddenly it was apparent that Morrison had recruited Thomas, perhaps to be a new tag partner. After destroying the tag champs and finishing them off with an incredible neckbreaker/spinebuster combo, Morrison went for a cover, and Thomas demanded the referee make a count. He did and in a strange turn of events, Aaron Morrison and Antonio Thomas emerged victorious over the GMW Tag Team Champions! After the match, Lou Bordeaux again went to ringside to get some comments from Morrison and Thomas. Aaron stated that Thomas had been a student of his at a wrestling school and that he simply wanted to see Thomas get a fair shake here in GMW. He was appalled at the fact that the GMW office had Thomas work in mixed tag matches and the like. Thomas claimed to "not like" Morrison, but this was business and the new duo were going to make sure that "business gets done".

That's all for this week. Tune in again next week and catch the action of Green Mountain Wrestling!

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