This week's GMW-TV show aired October 10, 2002

The show opened this week with a recap from last week's edition of GMW-TV, when a phone call from Fred Curry, Jr. to GMW-TV host Lou Bordeaux's cell phone resulted in the Green Mountain Wrestling debut of former ECW superstar, "High Flying" Chris Hamrick. Hamrick, it turned out, was nothing more than a pawn in Curry's human game of chess. Hamrick was enlisted by Curry to step in and take his scheduled match against Debonair Cruz. Curry's plans were thwarted however, when Cruz came away with the upset win over the high flyer from Bristol, Tennessee!

This week's opener was a tag team match pitting the Texas Hangmen against Flying Frankie and Radical Rob collectively known as The Flying Radicals. The less experienced Radicals had their hands full against the big men from the Lone Star State. Giving away roughly 100 pounds per man, it was an uphill fight for the Radicals all the way. Flying Frankie achieved the near impossible when he hit a flying cross body block on Hangman #3 for the upset pinfall win! The Flying Radicals are on a roll!

Up next was another tag match featuring four of the toughest combatants from the state of Maine. On one side, Dr. Heresy and Adam Booker (known as "Mind and Matter") and their opponents Kid Krazy and returning to GMW after a long absence, "Extreme" Adam Hastey. During the course of the match, there were many near falls. The end came for "Mind & Matter" when Hastey dropped Dr. Heresy with a superkick. Hastey followed this with a trip to the top rope where he flattened Heresy with a moonsault for the three count.

The final segment of GMW-TV featured The Mercenary commenting on the return of the New York Posse to Green Mountain Wrestling. Through his cryptic, "classified" commentary, The Mercenary's message was loud and clear as he addressed the wrestling fans here in Vermont as well as every single GMW wrestler. His message: "The New York Posse are here to take back Green Mountain Wrestling!"

That's all for this week. Tune in again next week and catch the action of Green Mountain Wrestling!

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