This episode of GMW-TV show aired October 31, 2002

The show opened this week with a look back at last week's women's title match. Mercedes Martinez regained the GMW Women's Championship in a great match against the eccentric Trinity H. Campbell.

Next was a highlight package focusing on three of GMW's "Young Lions" in "The Alpha Male" Justin Powers, "Rapid Fire" Brian Jury and Johnny Curtis. These three men have been toiling in GMW rings for the past year or so and tonight is their big chance as they'll be competing in a three way elimination match to determine the inaugural GMW Young Lions Champion! Not only is the match to be fought under elimination rules, it's going to be twice as difficult as a wrestler must be pinned two times to be eliminated!

In the early going, what could only be described as a double slingshot sunset flip caused the shoulders of Powers and Jury to be pinned, and both men were suddenly within one fall of being eliminated. With that advantage, Curtis was in position to use some risky maneuvers. Not the least of which was a wild somersault plancha out onto the concrete floor on top of both Jury and Powers. After letting his guard down, Curtis was then pinned and the match was tied all the way around with each man having been pinned once.

During a quick run in the middle of the match, these young lions showed a bit of their youthful exuberance and inexperience by missing some big moves. Curtis went for it all with a corkscrew moonsault to no avail. Shortly thereafter, Jury followed up with a big frogsplash and caught nothing but canvas! Justin Powers then was able to apply a figure four leglock to Curtis' injured leg while Jury worked his top half with his version of a Fujiwara armbar submission hold. For only a moment, Jury lost his grip and Curtis was able to use his long frame as leverage to reverse the figure four on Powers. Quickly, Jury was in position to add to Powers' woes with a camel clutch while still locked up in the figure four!

Brian Jury then went up top and hit a superb missile dropkick on the dazed "Alpha Male". Jury went back up top to deliver a second and was a recipient of a chokeslam by Powers who scored the pinfall to eliminate "Rapid Fire". This left Powers and a still ailing Johnny Curtis to fight it out for the title. Quickly Curtis went for it all as he went to the top rope and hit the prone Powers with a legdrop from up top for the pinfall. The winner and GMW Young Lions Champ is Johnny Curtis!

That's all for this week. Tune in again next week and catch the action of Green Mountain Wrestling!

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