This episode of GMW-TV show aired November 7, 2002

This week's edition of GMW-TV opened with a look back at Johnny Curtis winning the GMW Young Lions Championship on last week's program. Catch these guys when you can folks! Johnny Curtis has signed a contract to appear on the NWA-TNA pay per view on November 20th!!! Congratulations Johnny!

In what may become a trend on GMW-TV, the NY Posse logo bled through the opening GMW-TV montage, apparently turning the show into NYP-TV!

After a quick break, we're taken back to recent footage of the return of the NY Posse at "Unlikely Alliances", followed by The Mercenary's chilling callout of all talent in GMW.

After the next break, we're taken to a dark unnamed arena, where it's apparent the beverage of choice features hops and malted barley. It's old school time as the Posse (Mercenary, Slamdawg and Zombie) engage in a battle against three game opponents. The one sided carnage continued just as long as the NYP wanted it to. A merciful finish came with Slamdawg depositing the carcass of one of the victims through a table, followed by a pinfall and a huge beer swilling celebration!


That's all for this week. Tune in again next week and catch the action of Green Mountain Wrestling!

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