Morrison Most Popular???

In the roughly 40 years since Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) first used the phrase, "I shocked the world!!!" many of sports finest athletes have laid claim to "shocking the world". Green Mountain Wrestling is now officially on the receiving end of being shocked. The results of our first ever poll here on the GMW-TV website have shaken the very foundation of this great and proud company.

The man who for the past few years here in the great state of Vermont has repeatedly claimed that he gets no respect, either from the GMW office, the fans or any of the other wrestlers is now recognized by the GMW-TV website as "Most Popular"! Aaron Morrison claims to have no knowledge of ballot box tampering, but just knowing that Morrison is a Florida resident makes one wonder about the true legitimacy of the poll results. After all, Morrison is the man who claims to have voted twice in the last presidential election, "just to keep it fair"!

The official results of the poll are displayed below:

Who is your favorite GMW wrestler?
Maverick Wild 269 (5%)
Alex Arion 104 (2%)
Mercedes Martinez 609 (12%)
Trinity H. Campbell 469 (9%)
Irresistible Jonny Idol 297 (5%)
Mike Steele 139 (2%)
No Respect Aaron Morrison 2035 (40%)
Debonair Cruz 41 (0%)
Sonny Goodspeed 1005 (19%)
Tarzan Taylor 74 (1%)
5042 Total votes

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